@ Delpadre Digital, the term “We Never Sleep” ought to be in neon. We may have been a tad absent in terms of this blog, but we have been going at it, with lots of cool stuff in the works. We have been doing some work with LEGO Club TV, which is almost too fun to call work. We really like working with Roger and Gang and it’s always something different. Last week had Scott in Rock Star form, and even some viewer mail with Flappy the Mailbox. Check out the LEGO CLub Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/LEGOClubTV

In other news:

Mark Archer took a little trip not too long ago down to Space Center Houston to loose a few pounds in a space suit, and of course to shoot some footage for STEPS, Mars Interrupted. This cool interactive presentation is the culmination of over 3 years work, including some cool 3d elements we are doing for the story, which will soon start playing for museum audiences from Houston to Honolulu! In fact, we will be headed to ASTC in October for the unveiling of STEPS after a huge effort by a collaborative that includes folks from all over the country, headed up by longtime Del Padre friend and collaborator Brad McClain, now calling The University of Colorado home. We are thrilled to see what facinating things we can dream up now that the STEPS project is nearly ready to launch nationwide.

The brand spanking new Speakercraft site due to go live any minute! It’s a very nice site, with tons of content and products, all built on a pretty impressive Content Management System that allows us to get at all the content very easily, without sacrificing look and feel or SEO.

Stay tuned for some early peeks at some of the camera equipment we have had a hand in developing with our friends at LM76. Soon to show off a very cool rig for the RED ONE that will not only provide some slick moving shots, but also get rid of 2 RED design flaws in the process.

And, we promise to keep in touch. Call us today for any video, 3d and interactive projects you have in mind