RED EPIC 5k Video Production Now Available

Are you developing your latest indie film? A Web video or TV spot campaign? Maybe it’s an educational, training or recruiting video for your business. Whatever your “image” project calls for, you need to make a credible, memorable impact.

Our video arsenal begins here. We now have the RED EPIC digital cinema camera. The name is not an overstatement. The much anticipated addition to the RED family is the answer to the professional’s wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable camera ever engineered and built. The EPIC captures up to 300 frames per second. Its 5K, 14 megapixel resolution exceeds 35-millimeter film quality. It has unparalleled slow-motion and depth-of-field capabilities.

Professional, experienced and 100% reliable, Del Padre provides one stop shopping for all video production needs. If you have a message to deliver, a vision to share, or a product to launch,video is vital to your business. Non-Linear Editing, Compositing, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics, In-house Sound Recording Studio and the Best in the Industry Voice Over Talent are used in conjunction to create a powerful advertising campaign.

Digital Cinematography Showreel