Worked closely with NASA and Lucasfilm to create “Space Research and You”, a suite of interactive museum presentations that seamlessly combine live performers with virtual environments to communicate space science via interviews, animation and live audience participation at museums and science centers.

Each presentation involves a live presenter on stage, seamlessly interacting with a real-time virtual environment and co-host (R2-D2 from Star Wars) and facilitating audience participation activities while informing them about space research through video, animations, graphics, and hands-on demonstrations.

A Search For New Heroesspray_3

R2-D2 was shot on green screen for this project at Industrial Light and Magic and composited at Del Padre into an Imperial Star Destroyer and called up as needed by the live educator. Space Center Houston is using the project as an on-going presentation for daily school group visitors.

Former Adobe CEO nominated it for inclusion in “A Search For New Heroes” the online archive of the Computerworld Honors Program that recognizes organizations that use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better. The project case study has earned a permanent place in global history at more than 150 libraries, museums, and universities worldwide. The formal medal ceremony was held in Washington, D.C.