Lego has been a longtime client of Del Padre’s, starting with the Virtual Showroom, or VSR. The VSR completely re-did the way Lego sale agents conducted business. The VSR became a Swiss Army knife of sorts to them, allowing them to show samples, broadcast media, sales documents, and create orders while the irons hot.

According to Jill Provencher, national merchandising support manager for LEGO, “The Virtual Showroom has in many ways altered the traditional sales call of our Field Sales team. This system has moved the focus of the Field selling initiative from a paper-based environment with many limitations to a computer-based environment with limitless possibilities. “The professional presentation, integration of multimedia, and efficiencies created within the order and delivery process has made a major impact on the Sales Department and how we sell product to our customers,” added Provencher. “The reduction in sample expenses and customized paper presentations has also been an added benefit.”