Online Video Marketing

You may be well aware of why online video marketing  is a highly effective marketing tool, but what can you do to convince others, like your co-workers, boss or partner to get on board? There are so many viable reasons everyone should use video marketing, but here are the most compelling:

Everyone is Watching – If you want to reach all of your customers, including potential ones, bear in mind that everyone enjoys watching video, and today’s mobile devices make it easier to watch anytime, anywhere. Research studies on online video marketing  have shown that in 2012, 78 percent of people watched at least one video per week with at least 55 percent watching each day. On YouTube alone, there were over four billion views daily; making it the second largest search engine besides Google, which now owns YouTube.

Your Competition is Already Using It – The chances are good that your competition is already using online video marketing. According to, the use of online video content as part of a marketing campaign continues to rise steadily, with 81 percent of senior marketing executives saying they use it with great success.

Easily Accessible and Sharable – More consumers are comparing products and services by searching online. For example, in 2012,  online video marketing  results came up in nearly 70 percent of the top 100 search listings on Google. Social media ties into all this, because it has an effect on Google search results, and you can use it to attract visitors to your website. Remember, YouTube is also a search engine, meaning videos there rank higher in Google results. The numbers are staggering: People share more than 700 YouTube videos on Twitter every minute of every day, and they watch over 500 years-worth of YouTube videos on Facebook.

A Sticky Storyteller – According to, more than 60 percent of consumers will gladly spend at the minimum, two minutes, to watch a video that teaches them more about a product they are interested in buying. Using images and audio, video becomes an effective storyteller that keeps visitors on your website.

Encourages Real Time Feedback – People are comfortable leaving comments on videos, and you can use this as a tool to learn what your consumers want and expect from your product or service. Comments can also help you gauge the effectiveness of your video marketing, too.

Measurable Results – You can use analytics software programs to measure the success rate of your online video marketing . There are many available, including Google and Adobe analytics. This means no more guesswork, and with the resulting numbers, you and your team can decide what works – and what does not for increased sales and improving your marketing program going forward.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Unless you take dire action to remove them, your online video marketing remain on the Web, and on search engine results, like Google, for a long time. Although you will need to spend money to promote your video initially, your video will stay online and continue to get your message out there; minimizing the amount you spent in the beginning over the course of time.

Bottom Line: Video Sells – According to research conducted by Retail Touchpoints, those who watched a video were a whopping 174 percent more apt to purchase a product or service than those who did not. However, the video must be entertaining, yet relevant, and contain clear calls to action and objectives in order to be an effective marketing tool. Consumers want to know why they need to purchase your product or service, and what they need to do next to buy it easily.

A Simple Way to Connect – Use online video marketing to connect with consumers using promotions, advertisements, instructional Web series or video blogs, also known as a vblogs, because people are just waiting to watch. They like to take video with them on their phones and tablets, mainly because they are interested in a specific topic, or need a way to pass the time while waiting in line or traveling. Therefore, with mobile video you have the awesome potential to put your product in people’s hands, helping them to understand everything about what you offer, and placing them just one click away from buying, which is the whole point.

Online video marketing has provided marketers with an even playing field to compete, because even though the larger, more established brands have bigger budgets for production and promotion, the key to success is being compelling and creative while targeting your consumers in order to attract, engage and retain them for the long term.

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