SpeakerCraft iPhone Interface

While millions were standing in line waiting for their new iPhone 3Gs, Del Padre Digital was capitalizing on the craze.

Del Padre recently completed a new, HD video that will serve as a marketing vehicle for SpeakerCraft of Riverside Calif., promoting the company’s new product, MODE for iPhone®. The piece is now being used by SpeakerCraft in viral marketing campaigns, direct mailings, and as handouts at several national trade shows.

The completed production coupled HD video footage – filmed using the Redrock Micro 35 mm lens kit and Nikon prime lenses mounted on a Panasonic HVX200 – with a number of 3D renders created by the Del Padre team. New York-based voiceover artist Brian Kelsey provided audio production and narration, and various graphics and video effects were generated using Adobe After Effects and digital video platform Adobe Premiere.

Nino Del Padre, president of Del Padre Digital, spearheaded the project, and noted that a tight deadline and the inherent difficulty of shooting video of electronics such as the iPhone made the use of 3D renders doubly important.

“Shooting the shiny surface of the iPhone created some challenges for us in capturing video, and also created even more need for the photorealistic 3D renders,” Del Padre said, adding that the award-winning Autodesk® Maya® software was used to create the renders. “We had a very tight deadline on this one due to the recent fervor over the 3G, but we are really happy with the results, and that we could complete this project concurrently with sales of millions of Apple’s newest product.”

MODE for iPhone by SpeakerCraft essentially transforms the iPhone into a remote control that can be used with home theater and multi-room audio systems, as well as every iPod within a household. The interface operates much like other iPhone applications, and displays song information, artist names, genres, and playlists on the interactive touch screen, making accessing music simple and intuitive.

MODE is the latest product introduced by SpeakerCraft, a company with a three-decade history of innovation. After inventing the in-wall speaker and manufacturing them for the most prominent companies in the business, SpeakerCraft developed its own brand, based on the ever-expanding need for quality sound in the home. Today, the company is the largest supplier of custom installed audio/video products in the world.

Del Padre Digital was founded in 1991, and specializes in video production, interactive CD-ROM design, and high-end Web design. Its clients include NASA, the Space Science Institute, LEGO Systems, and Barnes Aerospace. Del Padre has worked with SpeakerCraft and its daughter companies, Proficient Audio and Emphasys, since 2005. Through this relationship, Del Padre has created everything from full Flash Web sites to E-marketing campaigns, and provides sophisticated 3D product renders and product photography for both packaging and marketing purposes.


Hamilton Sundstrand

As the planes roared overhead, Del Padre Digital placed key information regarding new, exciting developments in aerospace at people’s fingertips recently, at the famed Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, England.

Del Padre created an interactive, touch-screen kiosk for Hartford, Connecticut based aerospace manufacturer Hamilton Sundstrand, which was incorporated into a trade booth at the biennial Airshow, and operated by the user operating a 21-inch touch screen. Farnborough International Airshow is the largest, most internationally attended aerospace event in the world.

Del Padre Digital’s president, Nino Del Padre, said the project was completed in just less than four weeks, in order to be ready in time for use at the airshow in July.

“We have worked with Hamilton Sundstrand in the past, creating trade show videos to illustrate the different product groups that comprise the $5.6 billon dollar company” said Del Padre. “The project was particularly complex and detailed, but we completed it in a record time, start-to-finish.”

Most of the application was created using Flash 9, along with Photoshop to prepare complex component shots. The application was loaded onto a dedicated PC for smooth playback, and each component was accessed either by a list within an on-screen side bar, or by touching the corresponding part of the aircraft shown on the screen.

The Farnborough Airshow is not only a draw for the public due to its spectacular air demonstrations. It’s also a key business event for the aerospace industry, resulting in more than $40 billion orders for components from participating vendors every other year.

Hamilton Sundstrand, the result of the 1999 merger of Hamilton Standard and the Sundstrand Corp., employs approximately 19,000 people at more than 50 major facilities worldwide, and is among the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products.

Del Padre Digital was founded in 1991, and specializes in video production, interactive CD-ROM design, and high-end Web design. In addition to Hamilton Sundstrand, its clients include NASA, the Space Science Institute, LEGO Systems, and Barnes Aerospace.