When it comes to shooting video, you can’t wait for it to come to you. You need to go to it. We have been fortunate to travel throughout the country creating video for our clients, and always enjoy new ports of call and new vistas to explore. Our work has taken us from our home base in New England, to all sorts of places, from Hartford to Houston to Honolulu.

There are plenty of challenges that come with bringing all the tools you need to do good work in far off places. The time planning and plotting often exceeds the time spent on location, but rest assured, we need to come back with the goods, and we do. As we get ready for a new round of projects and productions we are busy checking the details, tweaking the workflow process and reevaluating our gear.

All that being said, anyone can pack for a trip. Anyone can buy a camera and a plane ticket. It’s packing the experience, knowledge and inspiration to create something interesting and effective that poses the biggest challenge. When it comes to learn by doing, we practice what we preach. As Del Padre Digital creeps into it’s 20th year, we are taking a short moment to look back on where we have been, and where we are going.

Video is here to stay. Much of the industry continues to change. Many new opportunities for companies and institutions exist to promote and deliver their message using video. Bandwidth has come of age. The web is finally fully video-friendly. As the economy improves, and companies get back to serious marketing efforts, we will be packed, and ready to go.

Call us today to discuss your next video project. You will find that we are excited, inspired and fully capable of bringing your vision from concept to completion. We are also experts in the process of storytelling, through creative video and editing techniques. Del Padre Digital offers a full pallet of post-production capabilities that includes video compositing and 3d elements to bring your vision to the next level.