Thought I’d take a break from the usual format and use this Miniblog as a chance to tell you a little about what we’ve been up to. We just finished up a project with a company launching a new iPod product called George. It hasn’t hit the stores yet, but if you want a sneak a peak you can check out our featured video. It’s pretty wild. We combined Maya product renders with HD footage shot with Redrock Micro’s M2 35mm lens rig. We also handled all creative and copywriting for the spot, making this a full branding effort. The company that created George is Boston-based Chestnut Hill Sound. They, and George, won best in show at Mac World back in January. Nice job guys.

I should also mention that we just won a pretty exciting award ourselves. This had to do with another special client of ours, Speakercraft. The project that we collaborated with Speakercraft on, a video to promote their new product, MODE, won the prestigious Telly award. To put this in perspective, past recipients include; Nike, CNN, HGTV, Microsoft, FX Networks, Comedy Central, etc. Not bad for a guy who was told he might not make it past Mrs. Stevenson’s math class in the 6th grade! Needless to say, I am very proud of our team for this incredible national recognition.

You can read more about shooting with the M2 in the March issue of Studio Monthly. We wrote the cover feature reviewing the system and offered up some tips for shooting with a 35mm lens. You can also check out the footage online. Special thanks to Bob Zemba from Robert Charles Photography for the great production stills and lens insight.

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