We make great ideas our bitch.

It’s tricky, because while this page is ‘about us’ it’s mostly about you. So while we’re gonna talk about ourselves, it’s only to impress you, but mostly to let you in on a little secret: Working with us changes everything.

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“Nino Del Padre of Del Padre Digital has been my exclusive vendor for all of our digital marketing and 3D product realization for over eight years. I have relied on Nino to create my product images for everything from massive-sized prints for banners at major trade shows, to promotional product videos

He’s always been known to deliver tight turnaround and a constant drive to improve image quality which has provided me with even greater, constantly evolving output throughout our working relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his firm.”Keith Marshall President, SpeakerCraft

We are obsessive about creativity

We’re where breathtaking ideas meet imaginative technology and spawn the lovechild of a brilliant digital marketing strategy that will earn you exactly the relationships and sales you need. And we’re practically rabid about being creative and staying current. You could say we are foaming at the mouth for strategic results (thinking of having T shirts made.)

We offer all of the services that you need, under one fancy little roof

Guess what is annoying? Outsourcing all of your different needs to tons of different firms. Guess what is not annoying? Working with us. Streamline your shit and get refreshing consistency on all of your outlets when you tap one source for all of the services that you could possibly need to build meaningful, almost romantic relationships with your consumers. (Like web development, digital marketing, graphic design, video production, custom software deployment, digital cinematography, mobile app development, interactive strategy and 3D animation.)

We Are Your # 1 Ho

As a small (yet robust!) shop, you get intimate access to our team, quick turnaround on projects, and serial killer attention to detail. We’re an expert team of creatives, designers, tech prodigies, producers, writers, and sandwich artists (ok maybe not that last one) that holds proficiencies and training in the latest (and, yes, greatest) of products, platforms and plans to out-geek and out-perform our competition (and yours.) Oh, and? Our marketing materials and projects have helped our clients sell millions of dollars of product, at a fraction of the cost of conventional Ad agency-retained work. Point: us.

We like music and being entertained

Our first, true love is the music industry. With our digital cinematography and video production services, we get really giddy about working in entertainment. Additionally, we have worked on projects all over the world with advertising agencies, corporate clients like Ibanez, Tama, NASA, LEGO, Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Grammy award winning bands The Deftones and Alice In Chains. We’ve even appeared on the Howard Stern Show for the cutting edge website design for radio host and author Riley Martin. Most of our work comes through word of mouth from existing clients which we think is the highest compliment one can receive in this business and one we plan on living up to project after project, year after year.

You Matter

We recognize that you are the one who knows your business the best, so we want to dig, listen, and pow wow closely with you so that we have a crystal clear, razor sharp picture of your goals, your audience, and how our expertise can meet them both.

Yes it’s true: We can be both highly professional and maybe a little out there

You may have noticed that we like talking to you as though you’re a friend; as though we’re sitting across from you having a few beers (ok, whiskey.) But that is our marketing voice, that is part of our strategy that brings us crazy, wonderful, big-thinking clients (like you) and that may not be the strategy for your client demographic or corporate culture. Don’t worry: we are able to suit up when we need to. We have a wonderfully conservative face we can put on, and we always plan your marketing approach based on what is exactly right for your ideal consumer.

Our company is old enough to drink

We have been around the block. And back. 22 years of service means that we are leaders in our field and have been there, done that, and then fine tuned all of it into an unstoppable strategy and vision. Let’s just say, once upon a time in the 90s, our work was being done on a Newtek Video Toaster running on a 33 MHz Commodore Amiga, when non linear editing was not available to the masses until 1995. We’ve worked on everything from S-VHS video to our current 5k RED Epic motion picture format. Talk about street cred.

We are not afraid to brag

Where else, if not here, are we supposed to tell you that we’ve won some crazy awards like many Telly Awards, several Addy Awards, being named “Top 100 Producers” by Studio Monthly magazine’s rundown for three consecutive years, and being nominated by Rob Burgess of Macromedia (Adobe) for the Computerworld Honors Collection for the NASA STS 107 project “Space Research and You”. Who else are we supposed to show off our medal for “A Search For New Heroes” Award Computerworld Honors Program?


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