Another Viral Video Campaign that works: The Tipp-Ex Experience, A hunter shoots a bear

This is relatively new to the net, but…I’m assuming this will go mega viral very quickly, Why? Well it has all the elements of a great viral campaign for youngsters:

1) It has multiple endings, so can be reused or new ones discovered. Thus there will be a prolonged interest in it

2) It allows the user into the experience (the user takes control of the destiny of the video) allowing users to submit questions, users feel apart of it.

3) It is dirty. Without giving too much away, you can choose dirty ending, one of which I cannot imagine will go down well. (some of which I list below, including the risky one).Great for bored minds to play around and pass along.

Other requests to try
kiss / records /
skate / breakdances / farts on / boxes / eats / hugs / shot / omg /
cuts / becomes / sleeps with / tipp-ex / does nothing with / plays
with / dirnks with… / high five / joke / watches tv with / buys /
phones / films / is shot by /feeds / smokes with / moonwalk / washes
/ strikes with / jumps on / tickles / ass / draw / seduces / rides /
rolls /fishes with / r /