4520 X 2540 pixels… DATA TO BURN.

The RED philosophy – provide a platform that can be upgraded as technology evolves. From its first iteration in the fall of 2007, the RED ONE has grown into a camera that has exceeded even the wildest dreams of those who envisioned it’s ultimate capabilities. From the very early single digit firmware builds to its current state, the RED ONE has increased its resolution (4K to 4.5K), improved compression (REDCODE 42), boosted dynamic range and low light performance (Mysterium-X™) and added dozens and dozens of features. All of these improvements, considered by many to be so significant as to be perceived as a “new” camera, were made available without the customer having to buy a new replacement product. This is the promise RED made at the very beginning. Treat the customer the way we would want to be treated. As each improvement in features is offered through firmware upgrades, the customer enjoys the benefits of new abilities with no added cost. As new accessories are designed, from media drives to finders to advanced support hardware, each item can be added without the need to replace the entire system. This modular approach stands at the core of “Obsolescence Obsolete”.